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About LCF Research Health Services Research Division

The Health Services Research Division (HSRD) has a long history specializing in practice, applied database research, and prospective studies in a variety of medical conditions. A major emphasis was to translate evidence-based research into improved practice, patient outcomes, and cost-effectiveness. In collaboration with local and state agencies and organizations HSRD addressed health issues of importance to local and statewide communities.

Current Study
De las Mias Study

Principal Investigator: Ana Consuelo Matiella, MA
Sub-Investigator: Maggie Gunter, PhD

De las Mias is a study funded by the National Institutes of Health – National Cancer Institute (4R44CA1777037-02) and sponsored by ACMA Social Marketing, a national health communication firm. Research shows Latinas frequently use smartphones, computers, and the Internet for contacting their friends, family, and getting health information. The De las Mias Study will test a Phone App against the traditional print materials and assess which is more effective at helping Latinas learn more about healthy weight.